Monday 8 March 2021

Working on the pond

We got on with the pond project today. I started with levelling the ground, putting in a row of blocks, and then to my complete surprise, using all of the spare sand that I was moaning about yesterday to smooth the sides and make planting shelves.

It doesn't look very sand coloured, and this is actually a very unexciting photo. 

Darren then took over and screwed all of the wooden posts together. 

Next step was the liner. Possibly a bit big. 

I was feeling very smug about the next step - filling the pond. My plan was to use the huge amount of rainwater stored in our barrels, but when we started filling the watering cans, it turns out that the barrels were almost empty.

I think that before the cold winter weather set in that I decided to empty them to stop them freezing up, but I can't really remember now. Anyway, whatever the reason it was disappointing. 

We are now waiting for it to rain so that they get filled up again, and then we can repeat the previous step. 

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