Tuesday 23 March 2021

Cycling to Oxford

First outdoor bike ride of the year - and it's good to get some fresh air and to be outside in real life on the bike.

We set off later than expected because it took us ages to get the bikes prepared, find bags and panniers, decide how many clothes to wear, pack some left over pizza slices, etc, etc. Got there in the end though, and then we were off. 

The route to Oxford was along quiet roads with the wind in our face. It made a change from the fan in our gym, and was quite hard going at times.

I was glad of the break in Oxford and we were living the dream - cappuccino and carrot cake from a lovely little coffee shop.

It would have been a five star dream if we could have sat inside to enjoy it, but fingers crossed that won't be too long away.

We cycled along enjoying the sights, couldn't stop too long as it was pretty nippy, and then we started heading back home. 

We were in for a lovely surprise as the wind pushed us forward and we charged along country roads in record time. In this map photo, we started in the top right hand corner and went anti clockwise down to Oxford in the bottom left. Cleverly, the map also records our speed and we were mostly going at green pace (slow) on the way out, but red (rocket pace) on the way back. 

A good first ride and already looking forward to the next one. 

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