Wednesday 17 March 2021

Vaccination day

I got my jab this morning at the Bicester Heritage Centre. I have never seen anything so well organised and friendly. From my first step out of the car to my arrival back 12 minutes later, I spoke to at least a dozen helpful people who directed me to the right place, checked my name and address about five times, jabbed my arm and then directed me back to the car.

I waited for 15 minutes before driving home and felt totally fine, but I must admit that I have got a bit of a headache now.

I meant to take a photo but it was all so quick that I never stood a chance. Darren has his next week. 

But back to the pond, and our attempts to connect the two ponds. I am making concrete bowls and pipes and this is how far I have got so far.

Quite a bit of sculpting left to do, but Darren has already connected up the pump.

It definitely works, and we are also collecting water from the greenhouse roof, although it hasn't rained yet so I had to test it manually.

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