Saturday 13 March 2021

Mini updates

So, the builders have been busy all week working next door. Huge progress downwards has been made, and they are now gradually building back up to ground level.

The whole place was full of bricklayers yesterday and little walls have appeared out of nowhere.

It's quite exciting because we didn't get to see this stage on our own plot, so it is very interesting. Today our lovely future neighbours turned up to have a look, and just like I planned to do for us, they are going to take a photo every day from the same spot for a time lapse video. Hopefully theirs will be more successful than mine.

Also, my grapevine arrived through the post this afternoon and I raced to the greenhouse to get it planted.

I have to say that it doesn't look very exciting yet, and Darren is expecting big bunches of juicy grapes in the next few months, so I think that he is destined to be disappointed, at least in the short term. 

Finally, on to my concrete water feature. The best I can say is that non of it collapsed when we unwrapped it from it's shaping. It is still very wet and I have been scraping bits with a knife to improve the look, but for now it's all just being left to dry out.

This one is for the greenhouse downpipe and then the water is diverted in to the pond, hopefully with a nice splash. At the moment it is very wobbly. 

This one is a long thin drainpipe style, and I have reinforced it with a metal rebar, but it is still in its guttering pro forma while it drys a bit more. 

This one is upside down and will definitely look better when we turn it back over! 

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