Monday 15 March 2021

Stork on parade

We finished off the new pond today.

Firstly Darren got the hose pipe out and topped up the water. This is an unusual phrase to say, but, it didn't rain enough to fill it naturally. As we aren't patient enough to wait, then we were left with no choice.

He then fixed the edge of the pond down.....

...... and I painted the wood.

I then paid a quick visit to the nearby water garden shop and bought special water pots, special water compost, bits and bobs and two pond plants. I spent a happy hour turning our overgrown three existing water plants into seven, and planting up the two new ones.

They are making themselves at home either in the new pond, or spread out a bit in the old one.

Finally, our stork is now on parade on the edge of the pond and is staring proudly around the whole garden. 

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