Sunday 13 June 2021

Ride on the Bromptons

Took the Brompton for a quick test ride on the street this morning and couldn't believe how lovely it was. Speedy, comfy, twisty, turny, not to mention super stylish.

We nipped down to the station and caught the train to High Wycombe ready for a bike ride.

We set off through a big park and after a few miles came to something called the Jubilee River. It is a man made river that is about seven miles long and is designed to help reduce flooding around Windsor and Eton. It takes water from upstream of them, sends it along the new river and then joins up with the Thames further downstream.

On this beautiful day it had loads of people swimming in it, paddle boarding and canoeing or just sunbathing on the banks. A cycle path runs along the whole route too.

Reading up about it on Wikipedia, it seems that it doesn't take as much water as expected, locals think that it causes flooding downstream and the Government sued the designers...... but it was lovely today.

We then rode through Eton and Windsor which was very busy. A flag was flying on the castle so I think that the queen might be at home.

After that it got a bit boring as we were on a cycle path next to the A4 for ages. We went around Heathrow, which didn't seem busy and checked in to our hotel at Kew.

Premier Inn, good location, good room and nice telly to watch the tennis.

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