Saturday 9 July 2022

Chepstow races

Today was Darren's birthday and we were off to Chepstow races for ladies day.

There was lots of to lovely dresses and hats on display, and a special flower covered stand for photos. The queue for it was long, but we accidentally got it in the background, along with lots of gorgeous ladies.

We started with a bottle of fizz with Susan and Paul, and then the serious task of placing our bets began. Darren picked the first race and his horse came nowhere. I chose a very bouncy looking naughty horse for the second race, and it won in a photo finish.

That was our only win of the night, but it was a beautiful course, the weather was great and we were with fantastic friends.

Also, I loved the fascinator and desperately want to find somewhere else to go where I can wear it again.

Once the racing was over we watched the brilliant and slightly crazy Paloma Faith.

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