Thursday 14 July 2022

Lots of lovely new plants

Darren's mum has had a tidy out of her over full balcony, and luckily for me, I was the beneficiary. Darren drove a full car back, and we got the wheelbarrow out to carry six huge specimens to the garden.

There was two identical palm trees in lovely ceramic pots. We tried for at least half an hour to get the first one out of its pot, but then Darren accidentally cracked it and we could see why the plant was stuck.

The pot became really narrow part way up and it was a case of either saving the plant or the pot. We chose the plants and they are in place and looking amazing.

Actually you can't really see the new plant in this picture, but its between the gate and the shed.

There is now a new border with new plants...

... and the Japanese garden is just about finished.

Really pleased with progress and let's hope that it copes in the heatwave.

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