Sunday 24 July 2022

Parkrun posers

Sometimes at a parkrun they have a cameraman taking photos. (Sorry I should say cameraperson, but I have never yet seen a camerawoman at a parkrun.) 

Anyway, they perch at a handy corner and snap everyone going past, and then put it on Facebook if you go looking for them.

A couple of weeks ago we ran at Somerdale Pavilion parkrun on their 99th event.

Yesterday we did Jersey Farm parkrun and again more cameramen were around.

Looking back at these photos one thought hits me, is it only me and Daz who are the posers? Maybe everyone else is concentrating on running.

However not everyone, as we also have a photo of the lady at Somerdale who dressed up as an ice cream 99 to celebrate their 99th race.

I spoke to her afterwards and told her that I was very impressed and that she looked much posher than the 99s that I usually buy. 

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