Wednesday 22 November 2017


We set off from home at 10am yesterday, and at 12.30pm local time today we touched down in Nepal. They are 5.45 hours ahead of us, but it was still a pretty long journey.
The two flights were both on time and very efficient in a slightly weird way. On the first journey they ran out of wine with dinner so I had gin and tonic instead. Unfortunately, they were also running out of tonic so I was handed a plastic cup full of almost neat gin to go with my chicken curry - (they had also run out of pasta.) 
On the second journey we set off at just before 2am, were served breakfast at 3am and then the lights were turned down so that people could try to sleep.
Anyway, we are here now and it is extremely busy, the traffic is mostly gridlocked, petrol fumes are everywhere, but the hotel is nice, the people are extremely friendly and we have just had a lovely cappuccino and a slice of cake. 
Heading back to the hotel for an early night and then back to the airport in the morning for another flight. 
Very, very happy to be travelling. 

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