Thursday 16 November 2017


We have been out to the theatre a few times lately, and Daz has outdone himself by getting front row centre seats for the last two of them. 
The first was for the Nottingham Symphony Orchestra who were playing ballet favourites. Surprisingly a local ballet school were dancing to the music, and their ages ranged from about five years old to well over 60.
Not many of the younger ones were either in time or elegant, but the costumes were bright and the smiles wide. A great event and our friend Peter was in the orchestra playing the cello.
The next night out was to see a Chekhov play at the Playhouse. It was called The Cherry Orchard and was roughly about a Russian aristocratic family who lost all of their money and ended up destitute.
It was supposed to be funny as well as tragic according to the programme, but I would also add very confusing and frustrating at times to the list. We walked home and spent the whole journey trying to work out who was related to who, and what exactly happened. 
We are off to see something called Discovering Copland tomorrow night and I have no idea yet what it is yet, but we are back to normality and in row P.

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