Sunday 26 November 2017

Not so many animals today

I think that we had a bit of beginners luck yesterday in the Safari department. 
I had high hopes for our outings today, but animal wise, nothing matched the rhino from yesterday.
Today started with a wonderful, peaceful canoe ride down the river and we saw lots of birds, including kingfishers and peacocks as well as more crocodiles. 
We then went on a long jungle walk with our helpful guide who carried a very big stick. Unfortunately we only saw a few deer and monkeys, although there was lots of evidence of the more dangerous animals all around us. 
I only took a photo of a tiger's footprint as I assumed that no one really wanted to see fresh rhino and wild boor poo, or scrapes allegedly made by bears.
After that we went to the elephant breeding centre where obviously we did see lots of elephants as they were tied up with very strong chains - not really sure how ethical this is. 
After lunch we took a boat across the river and went on a jeep safari. We saw little in the way of animal life, but miles of huge elephant grass. 
The most exciting thing to happen was when a group of jeeps were all jostling together to get the best view of two rhinos, and our driver reversed aggressively into the side of another jeep that was trying to steal our view! 
We gave him a tip for that when we left. 

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