Thursday 30 November 2017

No view and fertility temple

Today were drove over the top of the Dochu La pass, which is a 3,000 metre high pass between Thimphu and the town of Punakha.
We were hoping that it would a clear day as there are fantastic views of the Himalayas, but a couple of minutes before we got to the top we were suddenly in the middle of a cloud, and then there was snow by the side of the road.
No views today then, but there was a good temple, lots of monuments and we get a second chance in a couple of days as we have to go back the way we came. 
Our second stop was much more of a surprise as it was a temple and village devoted to fertility,  specifically helping couples who were keen to have children. 
The village was full of brightly painted houses with dubious murals and the shops were full of large wooden objects!
Our young guide thought the whole place was hilarious, and so did we. 
We walked to the temple across paddy fields and stopped at a stupa to spin the prayer wheels and look at the flags that commemorate the dead I think - don't quote me on that. 
Finally, Bhutan is full of fluffy dogs that lie around silently  in the sun all day, and at night they wake up and bark all night. The Bhutanese call them Solar Dogs and I have decided not to be scared of them! 

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