Wednesday 29 November 2017

Thimphu, Bhutan 🇧🇹

We were collected at the airport by our friendly guide and driver who were dressed in traditional costume. 
We then drove from the airport to the capital of Bhutan and the views along the way were incredible. The roads were also unbelievablely twisty and turny as they clung to the mountainside.
We stopped at an ancient bridge and temple on the journey. There are prayer flags everywhere, particularly on bridges and mountains and they flutter in the breeze to send prayers up to heaven.
That was yesterday, and then I was struck down quite badly with altitude sickness,  so I spent almost 15 hours in bed, but I have rallied and almost back on form now.
Today we visited temples, stupas, a giant bhudda and the national animal of Bhutan which is called a takin. It is a sort of buffalo/goat type of thing. 
We also went to see the taking down of the flag ceremony at the government fortress. 
What a beautiful flag, with a thunder dragon across the centre. 
Strangely four brightly dressed monks blowing horns led the ceremony. The soldiers were very serious and marching in a coordinated manner, but the monks just wandered around chatting happily amongst themselves. The overall effect was rather surreal. 


  1. Hope you're feeling better just think of a parkrun pb with all that altitude training

  2. Feeling back on form and in training for a hike up to the Tiger Temple in a couple of days. Hopefully I can make that. Hadn't thought about parkrun but I need to get one in as quickly as possible when I get back then.