Monday 27 November 2017

Photo with a tiger

It was our last morning at the National Park so we set out on our own to try and find a tiger. Unfortunately we were out too early and the mist was so thick that we couldn't even see across to the other side of the river.
Instead I had to make do with saying hello to the well dressed tiger that hangs around all day just outside of our hotel. 
Straight after breakfast we were off to the airport for the flight in our almost private jet back to Kathmandu. 
It was a very small airport, but right next to the Departure terminal was large and friendly rhino with her baby. 
In the background to my rhino photo is a plane owned by the exotic sounding Bhudda Air, and Yeti Air also fly from this airport. 
I was also very taken with a hotel just around the corner from our own called the Yak and Yeti. 


  1. What ever happened with your Tern bike?

  2. Tern had a second recall of bikes in 2016 and my frame number was included in the recall. However Tern never advised me of that even though the bike was registered with them. I found this out in September 2017.
    I am currently sueing the shop that I bought it from and if it is not settled in advance, then we will be in court against them next year.