Thursday 23 November 2017

Exploring Pokhara

We had a guided tour of Pokhara this afternoon and as we found out, it is a very attractive town next to a lake. 
It has some strange attractions and we saw a river in that disappeared into a gorge that is named after a Swiss lady who drowned there in 1961. We then went into a very dark and wet cave that took us to the bottom of the gorge.
The cave is having some building work done inside of it so we had to clamber over various pipes, scaffolding, bags of sand and extremely steep steps, both on the way down and back up the same way.
We then went to a Hindu temple and today was a special day so lots of couples were getting married. They were beautifully dressed and covered in garlands. 
Our final stop was for a boat trip around the lake and to another temple on a little island in the middle.

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