Saturday 25 November 2017

Chitwan National Park

We arrived at our hotel to be handed a sheet of paper with a packed itinerary for our whole stay. The first item was 4pm Sunset - village visit. 
We sat in the back of a truck for the five minute journey and quickly noticed that the traffic was very different to Kathmandu! (see pic 2)
However, instead of the expecyed wander around the shops, our guide took us straight to the nearby river bank and into the National Park. 
We immediately saw a giant crocodile lying on the sand with a matching smaller friend to keep him company. 
Our guide then said that if we were lucky then we might see one of the rhinos that come down to the river bank most nights. 
Apparently they also like to swim across the river and raid the cauliflower field next to the village,  and late at night they are even known to march down the main street. 
We didn't see that, but along with about 100 other people we crouched quietly on the opposite bank and watched a rhino drink and plod about in the mud. Actually our guide said that he was 'eating water', but I am going to call that drinking. 

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