Saturday 25 November 2017

Pokhara to Chitwan

We knew that it would be a six hour bus trip and that the roads would be bad, but we didn't know how bad.
The road was just bumpy as usual for the first part of our journey, then we drove over a bridge and it all changed. I was next to the window quietly listening to a podcast when the road disappeared and we were just driving over rocks and huge potholes. Almost immediately our bus decided to overtake something and my side of the bus was right on the edge of the gorge - with no barrier and just a mud bank!
For a while I was in denial and tried to ignore what was happening, but then on another scary bit the guy behind me actually screamed. 
I took off my head phones, looked around the bus and realised that I should be getting worried! 
For about the next 30 miles we chugged along and the bus bounced around like a ship in a storm. We were also overtaking or being overtaken ourselves whenever the driver could find an inch to squeeze through. All of the drivers coming the other way were doing the same, so it was one big free for all. 
The variety of vehicles was interesting and included the big Tara lorries that drive all over Asia, buses of all sizes and shapes, cars, tractors, loads of motorbikes, fork lifts and construction traffic and even one person on a bicycle. 
There was also lots of workmen scattered along the route - apparently they have been working for about three years and they will probably still be there for at least another five. 
The only blessing for us is that our lane was the one furthest from the edge and we do not have to go back in the opposite direction. 
However, it was also exciting and we arrived safely at our hotel, which had a huge lunch ready for us and is lovely. 

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