Wednesday 13 November 2019

Crane hire

8am and our crane turned up, escorted by our hero Trevor who found it and it's two drivers lost at the entrance to the estate.
As soon as they parked they had a big moan because we didn't own a scaffold mat, although we didn't know that we needed one.
I walked away for a few minutes as there was a danger that I would get a bit shouty, but miraculously when I returned they had set up in the road on four square blocks that they had brought with them.
I don't know why they changed their minds, but I didn't really care, at least we could get going.

We had exactly three hours of their time and we had to get the steels for our back window and balcony in place, plus a big steel across the front of the house over the door and garage.
They quickly got the first piece in place and Darren and Trevor bolted it to the floor post.

The next piece didn't want to fit and the crane drivers started moaning again, but eventually it all came together with a bit of thumping by Trevor using a heavy hammer.
Time was ticking on, but the grid pattern took shape and we still had an hour to spare.

The front door steel was very scary as it has a big lip on it that makes it unstable until all of the brickwork around it is in place.
It is currently held up with three accros, and hopefully is staying put.
Then we got the longest seven joists that arrived yesterday on to the top and our to do list was complete.

There was 23 minutes left of our allowance, and as the morning wore on the crane drivers got much more friendly and helpful. They spent the whole of the remaining time drinking tea and chatting and as the clock struck exactly 11am they rolled off to their next job.
We almost collapsed with relief and then got on with the rest of the day.

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