Thursday 14 November 2019

Putting in the joists

Torrential rain all night and we arrived at the plot to find nearly an inch of water in all of the rooms. I brushed a lot out but we still paddled around for the whole day.

We hoped that the rain would hold off for a while so that we could make a start on putting up the joists.
While I went shopping (no, not for shoes or handbags), Darren started to set up his equipment.

Trevor also arrived and between the two of them they started to lay out the joists using the noggin spacers that Darren had cut.
When I returned I took charge of the instructions that the manufacturer sent us and mostly stayed at ground level directing the operation.
Trevor was a great help as he had done this many times before, and just as it was starting to get dark we had the whole lot up.

How neat does that all look?
PGTips box, builders own.


  1. What sort of hangers did you use in the end

  2. None, they are built onto the wall. Really made it easier and Trevor the brickie is certain he can make it nice and airtight.

  3. Spoke to Darren about that if you do it that way they recommend you mastic in joints, the reason they don't like it is because the joists shrink etc and pull mortar etc with them so then not making them airtight

  4. Thanks Dave, we will make sure that we mastic it too.