Wednesday 12 February 2020

A day of finals

The build is taking on an end of term feel at the moment as we are really near to the end of the building phase.
This photo is a historic photo showing the last 18 bricks out of 13,000 being hoisted up in the Lidl bags.

Darren and I managed to lift the last of the dreaded extra thick and heavy plywood sheets on to the last roof. (He is standing on it.)

The last of the big coping stones was laid by Trevor.

Sorry but the picture doesn't quite match the caption,I was too keen and took the photo about two hours too early.
Also we have finished with the Young Men and it was quite a stress, but we managed to attach them to the hoist and drop them gently down to ground level.
It's just me and the two remaining maturish men now.

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