Thursday 27 February 2020

Siberian Ballet

Today we took the afternoon off and had a trip to Oxford with Susan.
We went to a matinee by the Siberian National Ballet who were performing Swan Lake.
We were on the front row in the centre and exactly behind the conductor. We were so close that we could have almost turned the pages of his music for him.
The downside of this was that he was right in the way of our view of the stage, so we had to keep peering around him and missed a lot of the action from the middle of the stage. The upside was that the sound was fantastic and we could see every note that the orchestra played.

Sorry, we weren't allowed to take photos during the performance, but here is my artist's impression.
Afterwards we hit the cocktail bar and Susan found the most fantastic drink called a Baby Zombie, with a flaming sugar cube on the top.

Two for the price of one, so we couldn't resist.

Finally, a quick stop at Sainsburys for some munchies to eat on the train home.

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