Tuesday 11 February 2020

Coping stones

Very windy day today, and we spent most of it on the the terrace with Trevor putting on the coping stones.
Trevor did the most work, he mixed the mortar, laid it out, lifted the coping stones, made sure that they were level and straight, then pointed them up to finish.

Darren was next and he moved the coping stones over to Trevors workbench, helped Trevor lift them up and carefully placed each one in the right position.
I helped Darren move the stones and then put a little piece of insulation on the work bench to stop the stone getting damaged, and then moved it out of Trevor and Darren's way as they lifted the stone.
Not sure that I really earned my keep today, but somebody had to do it.

Ps, we are very pleased with them and they really finish off the edge.

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