Sunday 2 February 2020

Coping stones lift

We have spent a lot of time this weekend moving very heavy coping stones. Each one measures 600 mm by 500mm and are 80 mm thick at the widest part.
I don't know how heavy each one is, but Daz reckons that we moved around three tonnes worth in total.
They had to be lifted individually underneath the hoist, then loaded on at ground level. One of us then had to climb up to the top to operate the hoist, while the other steadied the load before also climbing up.
We then walked it to the top of the parapet and slid it down a little wooden ramp. We climbed over the parapet and then lifted it into a resting place until Monday.
I think that we did that 40 times, but we are all set up and waiting for Trevor to mortar them into place.

We also put a cavity closer into place to keep the cavity extra snug and warm.

Oh, I forgot to mention that it was blowing a gale all day Saturday so that added to the stress of the situation!

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