Wednesday 5 February 2020

The last steels are up

This morning Darren and Trevor moved the Young Men underneath where the last steels needed to be lifted, and we all set about getting them into place.
Trevor hoisted his end up immediately, and then popped along to help me and Daz with ours.
If I am being very honest, I don't actually think that I helped in any way and that I just held on to the steel, but didn't really lift it.
After that I spent most of my time trying to get out of their way, but I have did hold the bolts and push them through the holes while Darren and Trevor held the steels up in the right place.

We also realised that we had miscalculated the finished height of the top floor, so unfortunately a couple of my recent blogs are now wrong.
They should have been 'Second to last scaffold lift' and 'Second to last pallet of bricks'.
Oh well, it's only about an extra six inches.

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