Wednesday 11 March 2020

Woodworking room and working greenhouse

We have split our work spaces in to two and Darren has taken up occupancy of the spare bedroom. It is now a woodworking workshop and is in active use daily.

Today he was working on the area between the balcony and back window and is getting it ready for the windows.

I have got my greenhouse looking lovely and it is a great painting area and I have started growing seeds for the garden.


  1. What happened about the windows did you find anyone that could do the size you wanted

  2. In the end we stayed with the original company and instead of having a glass to glass corner we are now having a window frame. Non of the other companies could make the glass to glass apart from this one, but in reality they couldn't either! We got a good discount and apart from this one thing we are happy with everything else that they are doing.