Friday 20 March 2020

Gardening time

What a cold and wet day it was yesterday. We decided to pack up work early and go to B and Q at Aylesbury for the afternoon.
They had a 20% off offer on all plants and I hoped to find a plant or two for the garden.

We had the whole outdoor area to ourselves and there was so much choice that we filled two trolley loads, and then had to go back round again to buy the compost.
It was great to unload it all at the plot, and we saved so much money by spending so much.
I also bought some bright turquoise and pink paint, so I spent a lot of time today painting basic black plastic pots, and then transplanting our purchases.

Meanwhile, in the real world Daz got on with cladding the top floor and I eventually found time to get upstairs and help him.

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