Saturday 28 March 2020

Taking down the new cladding

Got back on site today and took off almost half of yesterday's cladding. It just didn't look right, so here we go again.
By 3pm it was back up again and moved about 20 mm higher. It looks better, not great but better, and its not coming off again.
I did the top cladding while Daz set to work on the side panel.

It was always going to be difficult, but he set up an ingenious cross section of battens, filled in the base with plywood and insect netting and then started to put the battens in.

I left at this time to join the queueing at the mini Tescos, but apparently it is now as high as he can reach.
Can't wait to see it tomorrow.
I also found a bit of time to start making a roofing piece to even up the top of the roof.

At the moment it is clamped and the glue is drying, so we will see if it has worked tomorrow.

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