Saturday 11 April 2020

The staircase is up

Just looked back over my blog and Darren started the staircase last Sunday. Six days have passed since then, and now the final section is complete.

This is the top floor, so we can now get back up on to the terrace.
It wasn't only making a staircase, but putting in the two landings on the existing steels, building a central stud wall and working out all of the calculations so that we have enough head height on each floor. That involved extending the landing on each floor, and by different amounts. Phew!

Yesterday, Darren mentioned that it would be nice to have a bench near the greenhouse so that we could enjoy the view of the garden. Today I decided to make one from raw ingredients.
Lying around the plot I found a piece of steel, offcuts of scaffold boards, and a couple of spare bits of wood from a neighbour.
I drew a plan in my little book, measured the wood and headed for Darren's chop saw. I cut a few pieces and then Darren took over and did the rest.
I then spent a couple of hours sanding my wood before Darren glued and clamped some of it together.
I then did a bit more sanding and yet again, Darren helped out and bolted the top on.
So, it was sort of my project, and very pleased with the result.

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