Monday 6 April 2020

A quarter of the staircase

I left Darren to his own devices this morning and when I went to see what he was up to he had made a staircase!

It looks enormous in this picture, and the treads are very luxurious and wide, but it only goes up to the first landing, and you have to duck very low to avoid banging your head.

From there you take a little ladder to the first floor, see to the left of the photo, and from then it's the usual ladder up to the top floor.
He is now putting up a stud wall on the first floor before extending the staircase.

I am still working on the garden and went up to the top to check on the birds eye view.

Ps, saw my first bird exploring the garden this afternoon. It was a beautiful black and white wagtail, I think. Anyway, it stayed quite a while examining the whole area, so hopefully he will bring some friends back with him next time.

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