Thursday 16 April 2020

Exterior of the staircase

Darren has now started the outside of the staircase and is putting in the wooden framework.

He is working around the scaffolding, but it should be taken down next week.
We were thinking of cladding it in western red cedar so that it is the same as the back of the house, but the wood needs to be fire proofed and the first quote that we have is totally ridiculous. Will have to get some more quotes, and if they are still the same, then we will need to put our thinking caps back on.
I have whitewashed the greenhouse because it was getting very hot in all of this lovely sunshine.
Unfortunately as soon as I finished it the sun went in, but it seems to be working. It sort of feels like being in the middle of a cloud, which is nice, and it is supposed to stop the plants getting scorched.

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