Thursday 9 April 2020

Staircase and garden updates

The garden is about as finished as I can make it at the moment, so I am very pleased.

I can't do any more until the scaffolding is down, and hopefully that won't take too long. Also we might need a big machine to set up the windows, so we have to keep our distance from the house.
I am counting, and have now seen five worms in the garden, and the cheeky pied wagtail visits every day now. He is very keen on the house and has flown through most of the rooms and out of the other side of the house.
Darren is making progress on the stairs and it is beginning to take shape. They are only temporary stairs, but it will give us the knowledge that we need when we are able to order the permanent stairs, and we definitely need them in the meantime.


  1. Watch that wagtail he might eat the worms and don't let him nest in the house they'll close the site down if he does. Try stairbox Web site let's you do 3d design quite good. Have a good weekend 🌞

    1. Hi Dave, thanks for your advice. Worms are underground so hopefully OK, but I will watch the bird very carefully as there are hundreds of nooks and crannies in the roof joists.
      Darren has tried to contact Stair box but they aren't working at the moment, but we will be talking to them at some stage. X