Wednesday 22 April 2020

Outside of the staircase nearly finished

Over the past few days Darren mainly, but also with a little help from me, has worked on the outside of the staircase.
It has a breeze block interior, but then various layers have to be built up on the outside.
Firstly a 100 mm wide timber frame that is filled with 100 mm wide solid insulation.

On top of that goes large sheets of 60 mm wide insulation.

Then on top of that, as you can see in the same picture is a breathable membrane that comes in a big roll.
After that timber battens are screwed through on to the timber frame to make a seven metre tall sandwich.

That's all that we can do for the time being, but as I said a week ago, the scaffolding is coming down next week. Unfortunately I was wrong then, but hopefully it will actually be removed next Monday or Tuesday.
If it doesn't go soon I will lose my patience and start taking it down myself.
The final bit of the sandwich is a topping, so probably I should describe it more like a pizza instead of a sandwich.
Anyway, we are still keen to go with timber, and after receiving a giant quote a week ago, I have managed to get for about half the price, so we may be back on track.


  1. Looking good can't have been easy with that scaffolding in the way. The trouble with it coming down he's probably got nowhere it can go back up and now to store it. But all looking good. Any news on windows

  2. The scaffolding was useful sometimes as it rises up seven metres so quite high, but it also got in the way too. Have spoken to the window company and the windows have been built and they are on their way from Germany. The fitters aren't working at the moment but are planning to go back to work soon and they are going to start on the self builds and extensions, so it might not be too long. I am guessing about a month, fingers crossed.