Saturday 3 June 2023

Amager Strandpark parkrun

Today was the first of four parkruns that we are doing 'abroad' on this trip.

The first is in Copenhagen in a superb location along the coast at Amager, just a couple of miles south of central Copenhagen.

Darren and I decided to walk there which was a bit of a mistake as we cut the timing really fine and arrived out of breath and a bit stressed. In contrast, Susan and Paul took the Metro and looked relaxed and ready.

Today was especially busy as literally hundreds, (possibly a couple of thousand) of British runners have made the journey to European parkruns. This is because Danish parkruns are holding an extra run on Monday in honour of their National Day, Sweden is doing theirs on Tuesday, and parkrun tourists are keen to bag an extra weekday run or two.

The course was a lovely flat route among the sand dunes, and instead of the usual average of 49 runners, today 234 finishers crossed the line. This is the highest number ever at this parkrun, and at the other three runs in Copenhagen, another also had their highest ever and the remaining two both had their second highest attendance.

After getting back to the hotel for a bit of a rest, we then went out for a stroll around the city. I am still marvelling at the number of cyclists out on the cycle paths. It is just like the scenes that I remember in Amsterdam.

Even more amazing is that they all appear to stop at red traffic lights, and when they turn green, hundreds of cyclists whizz along the cycle lanes that are way busier than the roads.

We went for a little stroll around the beautiful gardens that surround the Rosenborg Castle.

We didn't go in to the castle, but it is a lovely building and actually holds the Danish crown jewels.

On the way to the exit we found a crowd of people watching a strange competition. I don't know if it is a Danish sport, but it involved teams trying to make the highest human tower.

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