Tuesday 6 June 2023

Parkrun in Sweden

Another day, another extra parkrun, this time in Sweden as it is their National Day today.

Our hotel is a half hour bus ride from Billdalparken parkrun, and we arrived at the bus stop with six minutes to spare.

The whole city was almost deserted and we had been expecting to see dozens of other parkrunners at the bus stop. 

Having checked the website we knew that very few runners ran each week, but expected to see other tourists. In January it dropped to only four runners, but once we arrived at the park it became clear that there was lots of other people today. 

It was another lovely course, and another photo opportunity.

The bus was packed on the return journey and the mystery of missing runners was solved. They must have caught the bus half an hour before ours, rather than cutting it fine like we did.

Once back in Gothenburg we had a sightseeing session.

It's was still very quiet in the city centre, but it was still fairly early, and after a visit to the Tourist Information Centre we found out where everyone was going for the afternoon.

We decided to head there too, stopping off on the way to climb about half a million steps up to a viewpoint.

We then carried on to the Slottsskogen, which is a major park on the outskirts of the city. Before joining the crowds we climbed another mini mountain to see an elk in a wildlife park.

We then ate a couple of huge Mr Whippy's, which aren't called that in Sweden, then went to the main event of the day, an outdoor concert by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

The crowd was enormous and spread as far as we could see in all directions, soaking up the sun and eating tasty looking picnics.

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