Friday 2 June 2023

Arriving in Copenhagen

It's Friday and we got up early, picked up Susan and Paul and drove down to Heathrow for our flight to Copenhagen. We then caught the Metro to the city centre and then headed off to our respective hotels.

We then split up, and apparently they are staying in a luxurious hotel, and we have a room with bunk beds.

I have always quite liked bunk beds, although the ladder is quite sharp on my bare feet. The room is clean and functional (that means an unbelievably tiny bathroom), but it's in a fantastic location, and the weather is amazing.

Out we went to explore along the pedestrianised streets.

I loved this stork themed fountain, and there were bicycles everywhere.

I think that this is the opera house, but then we found an art installation made out of mirrors.

It was my favourite place on the whole journey and I have spent ages searching for it on the internet to explain it properly. However, I couldn't find anything at all, so I will just have to try my best on my own. 

It was like a mirrored tardis on the outside, but once inside it was a beautiful, endless mirrored garden. Darren wasn't that impressed, and accused me of 'over enjoying it', but it was truly lovely and views of the surrounding buildings kept appearing at strange angles in the mirrors.

I could have stayed longer, but there was other things to see. The ceiling of this bridge was good...

... and then we got to the famous Nyhavn. It was full of people enjoying the sun shine, just after finishing work on a Friday afternoon. And probably a few tourists too.

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  1. "... our flight to Gothenburg. We then caught the Metro to the city centre" but that wasn't Gothenburg city centre was it? or how did you magically change countries ?