Sunday 4 June 2023

More wandering around Copenhagen

 Thank you to numerous friends (three) who pointed out that we are actually in Copenhagen and not Gothenburg. It is good to know that people actually see this blog and proof read it for me!

Still in Copenhagen we set off for another stroll, starting by crossing the river and exploring Christiania. A very prominent feature is this beautiful church.

We struggled to get a good photo of it, but in 2004 we made exactly this same journey and paid to climb the outside of the curly spire to the top.

I don't know if we have got lazier or stingier than then, but this time we just looked up and then carried on with our walk.

The next stop was the tourist hotspot of the Little Mermaid. The poor girl couldn't get a moments peace and was surrounded by hundreds of photographers, both on land and water.

In contrast, only five minutes walk away was a fantastic structure that was totally ignored.

It is a maritime monument to honour Danish civilian sailors who lost their lives during the first world war.

Right next to it is a 17th century fortress with fantastic star shaped ramparts. (You can only see the star when viewed from above on a helicopter, so this is one corner.)

On the walk back to hotel for lunch we could hear the sound of firecrackers that got louder as we approached the town square, and there we came across thousands of Copenhagen FC who had just won the Danish Championship and were out celebrating.

We took a few photos but I particularly liked this one of some of the supporters leaning on a wall next to a dragon statue.

Replenished after our lunch stop, we headed in the opposite direction and crossed the river again.

We had a lovely walk through a very modern and classy neighborhood, and then through the university grounds to a rope bridge.

It was on the other side of the water, so Darren pulled it across, we jumped on and I pulled us slowly to the other side.

Last item on the trip was to buy a couple of cans and sit in the sunshine by the river watching the world go by.

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