Friday 2 June 2023

Six outings

 I don't know what has happened recently, is it my age or maybe I am just getting a bit lazy, but there has been a distinct lack of blogs lately.

And as Darren says, it is not as if he hasn't organised lots of outings. So, out of chronological order, here are six of them.

Firstly, Six, the very lively musical about the six wives of Henry Xlll. Good, but quite short (although sometimes that is a good thing) and an updated and modern version of medieval outfits.

This brings me on to Esme Young of Sewing Bee fame. On the programme they sometimes make similar outfits and we went to see Esme talk about her life.

 Esme is on the left and she is more interesting than she looks fortunately. Another show was a Canadian classical guitarist with a very dramatic style.

We also went to a classical concert, although I didn't take any photos, and a literary walking tour of Bath where we hadn't read enough books to appreciate it properly. 

The main takeaways from this was that Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Mary Shelley all lived in Bath for a while and they all hated it. Also, a seagull pooped on our head, which definitely put a dampener on the event.

Finally, and to bring us up to date, last night we went to see The Addams Family show, by the amateur dramatic society in Bicester.

Slightly scary floating head shot of Darren.

We have a few exciting days coming up, so keep reading.....

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