Monday 5 June 2023

Fælledparken extra parkrun

This morning we were up early again and off stomping across Copenhagen to a different parkrun. Today is Denmark's grundlosdag day, so they are putting on an extra parkrun. (Not a typo but their constitution day.)

We found this parkrun in plenty of time and were relaxed and ready at the start.

Once again there was way more British runners than Danish, but also people from Australia and Poland.

It was a hot and dusty start but we all soon spread out and the dust cloud cleared.

I was going to take this run a little bit more slowly than the last one, but then I saw a lady up ahead who just beat me on Saturday, so I did a sort of sprint and beat her to the line.

We took the obligatory photo with the parkrun sign, and Danish flag, and then headed for the Metro station as we had to shower and then catch a train out of the country.

We have gone our separate parkrun ways to Susan and Paul, and we caught the afternoon train to Gothenburg in Sweden. And I have got it right this time!

We are now at our hotel and we actually have a proper bed, not bunks, and surprisingly we have a very nice balcony with some tasty fruity red wine to drink in it.

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