Sunday 11 August 2013

Harlech castle

Caught the bus to Harlech today to visit the castle.  It is a very grey building, and together with the very grey clouds and Darren's jacket make some very colour coordinated photos.
When it was built the castle was right by the sea and it had a 200 foot long stairway from the castle to the cliff base, where supplies were brought in when it was under a seven year siege.
I presume that they didn't need to bring in water as it rains often enough to keep an army going.
We walked back to the campsite along a public footpath by the sea, and had to negotiate a lot of fields full of farm animals. Fortunately, mainly sheep but there were some worrying moments with large cows and a dog sighting.
Can't wait for my bike to be mended and we can go back to being on the opposite side of the fence to all these creatures. Nice walk through.

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