Thursday 15 August 2013


Spent three hours yesterday while a man tried to fix my bike spoke with the wrong sized tool. It is fixed and now we are on Anglesey near a little town called Beaumaris.
There is bad weather on the way so I dragged Darren out early on a 30 k ride, so that we would be home before it hits.
Our first stop was the view of Puffin Island, but no sign of the cute little birdies. I then suggested an add on to the route to see a beach that looked interesting. I really ought to start looking more closely at the contour lines on the map as we descended on the steepest road I have ever seen and we nearly had to cycle (sorry walk) back up a road with a 35% incline.
Very dramatic beach though.
Just had gin and tonic battered haddock and sitting in the cosy camper as the rain is starting.

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