Friday 2 August 2013

Newport transporter bridge

Here we are in Wales today, just over the M4 suspension bridge in Newport. We have been out exploring on a circular bike ride taking in the transporter bridge and town centre this afternoon.
We could see the bridge from miles away and I was a bit panicking because at first I thought we had to climb all of the steps and somehow be 'transported' across the middle bit. Fortunately though, the carriage then came into sight from across the river and it is actually at road level and just dangles on cables from the metal structure. 50 pence each well spent I think.
We then cycled into the centre of Newport which has obviously had loads of money spent on upgrading the riversides. There was new apartment blocks, fancy pedestrian bridges and walkways with lots of seats.
The whole place was strangely deserted with no mothers and children, tourists or ordinary local people about, just a few dodgy looking teenagers who made me a bit nervous.
There was also a fancy gallery with reflective windows so I managed a quick selfie of the two of us.

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