Monday 19 August 2013

South Stack Lighthouse

Arrived at Holyhead and finding out what there is to see.
The main event is South Stack Lighthouse, but at 2pm the weather was cloudy and not great for a visit. Checked the BBC weather app and it was due to be sunny between 3 and 5 so we set off on the 4k walk to it.
Got to the lighthouse and joined the queue to climb up to the light as the sky was beginning to clear.  By the time we had heard all about it, the sun was out.
For the record, it was built in 1809, the light bulb was tiny, and it is 1,126 steps from the top of the cliff to the top of the lighthouse and back up again.
The sun shone brightly until just after 5pm and then gradually disappeared as we took the coastal path back to the camper.
Good old BBC, it's not always right, but on the button today.

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