Saturday 15 February 2014

Little India

We went on a walking tour of Little India this morning.
It started well as our guide stopped in front of a market stall that sold fried vegetarian snacks. He handed round a selection and I chose a sort of doughnut shaped item that was delicious - spicy, crunchy, hot and greasy. 
We then wandered slowly around looking at temples, churches, mosques, the YMCA, old buildings, etc.
We took our shoes off, washed our feet and went inside a Hindu temple. There were strange knocking noises that sounded like building work being done, but was actually worshippers who bring coconuts, crack them open and leave them as offerings.
Everyone inside seemed occupied with rituals and tasks and we learned that every 12 years, water is brought over from the river Ganges and the walls of the temple - pic 2 - are washed clean.
After the tour ended we headed back to the stall, bought a load of different goodies and scoffed them on the way home.

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