Friday 14 February 2014

Mass Wedding Ceremony

What a surprise today.  We went to see Thean Hou Temple, which is usually a very quiet temple that is a bit out of the way, and is at the top of a hill.
Although we knew that it was Valentine's day today, we had no idea that it was also the annual Chinese Lantern Festival. They only fall on same day every 19 years, so it was a double romantic celebration.
As we walked up the street towards the temple we could see that it was packed full of beautifully dressed people and we arrived just in time for a Mass Wedding Ceremony. I have no idea how many couples got married today, but I would estimate at least 100.
Of course, the Lions were there (over the past two weeks we must have seen them almost every day) and lots of couples posed for pictures with them.
There was also a backdrop covered in pink hearts and cupids, and a queue of couples waiting their turn for a photo.
We were given a lovely heart shaped pink balloon that I was going to take back to our apartment, but I waved it a bit too close to a prickly plant on the journey home and popped it.

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