Friday 7 February 2014

KL Bird Park

Exciting day today as we went to KL Bird Park, which has the world's largest free-flight walk-in aviary. That is a very complicated way of saying that most of the park is covered with enormous nets. They are so high that you forget they are there, and you wander around in a wonderland of jungle and birds, and it seems completely natural.
In fact, this is what jungle nature viewing should be like - unlike our previous numerous bird watching attempts in Borneo where we hardly ever saw any birds. Here you can practically trip over them.
You can also get your photo taken with a huge array of birds from across the globe - unfortunately we were too tight to pay for it ourselves, but pic 1 is of a total stranger enjoying the experience.
A highlight was seeing hornbills flying around and coming down to catch fruit thrown to it by a keeper, as we tried hard but never saw any in the wild.
Daz had a try at feeding cabbage leaves to a bird that was taller than he was (ostrich if you are wondering) and I loved our visit to Bul Bul land.
This was a large aviary within a giant aviary, filled with brightly coloured Bulbul birds.
As we sat on a bench enjoying the view another tourist came in, switched his iPhone on to play swing music pretty loudly, took his shoes off and dipped his toes into the fish pond, then sauntered around barefoot. We were sorry when he left.
Ps, just checked my bird chart and pic 5 is actually not a Bulbul, but disappointingly is a Golden breasted starling.

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