Tuesday 18 February 2014

Sleepy seats

Today we went to see a beautiful little traditional wooden Malaysian village house, that had been moved amongst the skyscrapers in the centre of KL.
It was a lovely little place, but all of the photos look really boring so I had to find something a bit brighter for the blog.
Nearly every day we walk through a paved area with square holes where tall, thin trees have been planted to make it cool and shady.
There are also about 20 painted concretes armchairs, and  it is as if everyone who sits down has a spell put on them, and they fall asleep.
We only stopped for a minute or two today, so didn't nod off, I think, but it is always full of taxi drivers, skateboarders, tourists (pics 1 and 2), office workers, students (pic 3) and construction workers (pic 4) having power naps.

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