Friday 22 January 2016

St Lucia and a sea day

Yesterday our ship spent the day in St Lucia, and we spent our morning alternately sunbathing and sheltering from tropical rainstorms on the deck.
We headed into Castries, the main town in the afternoon, and stopped at the statue of Derek Walcott. He is a St Lucian who won the Nobel prize for literature in the early 1990's.
Also note my new folding sunhat.
Today we are at sea so I thought that I would say a bit about our cabin. We have an inside one which means that it is basically a big box.
In the place where you would usually find a window we have a mirror, and we have no way of telling night from day (although obviously I can find out by looking at my watch).
To give the impression of dawn breaking, Daz has bought us a sunrise alarm clock and we set it every evening. This morning the real sun rose at 6.38 am, and our electric sun rose at the same time.
If we leap out of bed quick enough we can make it up onto the deck to catch the first rays. Pic three is one I took a few days ago, as the novelty is wearing off now.

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