Wednesday 6 January 2016

Welcome on board

Exciting day today and I was wide awake at 5.30am in anticipation.
However, due to a slight timing miscalculation we cut things very fine and ended up running down the street with our suitcases flailing along behind. We had to catch a bus to Southampton and got to the bus station with two minutes to spare.
All went well and we arrived at our ship, only to find out that neither of us had brought the tickets.
Fortunately, they let us on and we are just waiting for the life jacket safety briefing. The tannoys aren't working, it's getting very hot and the passengers are getting close to mutineering.
Good news - we are now ready to cast off, the sea looks calm and our adventure begins.
Ps, hopefully in a few days the sun will be shining and all of the sun loungers will be full of pasty looking pensioners!

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