Wednesday 27 January 2016

Colours of Cartagena, Columbia

Bogota is the capital of Columbia, but most tourists visit the seaside city of Cartagena. We went on a bus trip from the ship today, and so we learnt lots of facts and figures.
The Colombian flag is very colourful and the yellow is for the huge amount of gold that has been found in the country. Blue is for the sea, and red for all the blood that has been shed by the Colombian people over many years.
I met a patriotic macaw and his friend, who joined me for a photo opportunity.
As we were on a bus trip there was a stop buy souvenirs and a musical performance. The dancers were lovely and put on a very lively display.
We sat on the front row and I was hoping that one of the ladies would ask Darren up to dance, but fortunately for him, they didn't include audience participation.

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